Video Samples

Video— Blend of motion, video, music, sound, and creativity. Bringing content, graphics, and sound to the small screen. A highly engaging audio/visual experience that stands out from the crowd.

Key differentiators: Budget, size, length of time, caliber of project (how fancy you want it), type of video, custom graphics, sound, voice, and overall content.

Important considerations: Create storyboards, artwork sketches, and finalize first before creation. Establish what kind of video is wanted, by sample or mockup. Content and story is critical and needs to be specifically created. Aquiring assets (video clips) can also be a factor.

Price ranges: $1.5K+/- basic—$7.5K average—$10K+ advanced.
Price increasers: Making late changes, changing graphics, multiple edits, adding sound, voice, clips, re-renderings.

WhoRUbands (Product)

KidCentiveRewards (Product)

Fieldstone Cockpit

Tectonyx Explained

Fieldstone Overview

Themed (TTI contest) (need flash!)

Cisco, Basic (need flash!)

Sutton Senior Reception 2017

Boston field trip, 2017

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