Cool new piece we did that merges screen technology and print!

Cool new piece we did that merges screen technology and print. What better way to integrate print, branding, messaging, and technology?

This allows you to bring the presentation directly to the client. We can design not only the artwork and packaging itself, but also the way the digital packaging is presented. We can change buttons, screen sizes, sound holes or no sound holes, etc…

LED video brochure

Combine attractive and professionally designed print design, with modern day media flair to achieve a highly engaging and rich-feeling marketing, advertising, or promotional piece that TRULY stands out from the crowd!

These LED video brochures are approximately 5.75 inches tall, 8.25 inches wide, and about 3/8th’s of an inch thick

  • Custom designed and printed on all sides (process 4/c)
  • LED display size: 800×480
  • Flash memory, 256MB — 8GB available
  • Built in lithium battery
  • Built in speaker
  • Video format: MPEG
  • Image/slides: JPG, PNG
  • Folded promo size: 5.75 tall, 8.25 wide, .375 thick
  • Magnetic clasp keeps it shut
  • Has play, stop, forward, volume buttons and USB port
  • 50 minimum quantity

Turn around time: Roughly 6 weeks total for concept, design, video, and produced/delivered piece.

Roughly $100 each (less with higher quantity), plus cost to design and create video/animation/slide show— $7500-$12K+ depending on project.

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