What is your project’s OIL level?

When creating any creative project, it’s strategically wise to first consider it’s overall importance level (OIL level).

You can create literally anything these days— print, and on screen. And they can be created with a wide range of time, effort, cost, and creative strategies. But what matters first before the thought process even begins is the project’s overall importance level (OIL). How important is it?

If it’s not very important, then you can easily develop a simple strategy that takes less time and cost to create. If it’s moderately important, you can invest a medium amount of effort and cost to develop the project. If it’s very important, you obviously need to develop a project strategy that includes more time, cost, and effort.

The end result of anything is the combination of the idea and the effort put in.

An Idea + A Specific Effort = A Specific Result.

Here’s an example: A simple marketing campaign to announce an event to your list of contacts. Basic print promo, digital printing, low cost. Basic email campaign to your listCreate a basic, simple postcard or email to promote an event?.






Versus, a high level campaign that we want to add a lead gate to (get names and emails), create a brand recognition for, build up hype, with a high budget. This would warrant more time in designing a great creative idea, a custom printed campaign with special effects and papers to create a richer feel, and then online components for lead generation and integration. Maybe a $5K budget vs. a $35K budget. Big difference!

Or create a more creative, custom-designed campaign theme, with custom printing and web page?







The only one caveat I can think of here is that sometimes you may also ‘think’ your project isn’t important, but in fact may be very important. Vice versa, you may be spending too much on a project that you might not need to be. That’s why it’s often a good idea to consult with a graphics professional or brand/marketing specialist. I can help walk you through ideas and give you suggestions that will make your project a success all around.

So decide first how important you think your project is. And that now sets you in motion for what kind of project you want to have your team create. You can use a 10-point scale of importance (1 being not important, and 10 being REALLY important). Or simplified— not important, moderately important, and very important.

If you want help determining your project’s importance, give us a jingle. email [email protected], call (508) 494-8182, or go to our web site at http://www.mitchellcreativegroup.com.

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