Online Infographics

Responsive online information graphics. Converting an everage pdf/jpeg static infographic, into an all online interactive deliverable.

Key differentiators:
Budget, size, page count, caliber of project (how fancy you want it), graphics, and content.

Important considerations:
A website plan needs to be created here to outline how we want the online site setup, samples of what you might like, and pre-created infographic pieces finalized, before bring into the online version.

Price ranges: $3.5K basic—$7.5K average—$20K+ advanced.

Price increasers: Content support, branding and art development, major changes later on, custom graphics. Hosting, custom domain support, SEO, analytics.

Responsive (on any device) vector-based, html infographic

Basic online responsive infographic

More extensive web page infographic experience
Disaster Recovery Solution (IDC infographic, sponsored by Zerto)

Online infographic, basic html, non-responsive

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