Fun New iGraphic Applications

Fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and engaging online infographics

Who says online content has to be complex or boring? Take advantage of modern, responsive web design and create some fun, highly engaging and entertaining products that we just rolled out. These highly customizable online applications take infographics to a whole new level.


Fun and ultra-simplified, fully-responsive, device-optimized infographics.

These fun and modern new Min.igraphics emphasize primary data points from a traditional infographic, and delivered in a neat, fun, responsive format that are optimized for mobile devices, but just as engaging on all browsers on all devices. Simple, clean, vector-based formats with subtle animations make absorbing data fun, and interactive.

Three Min.igraphics are available samples below…


Fully-responsive, modern online content applications.

These new iViews provide modern day content delivery applications that are optimized for all devices and web browsers. They provide a variety of design and style options as well as interactivity and functionality to present any content in a highly engaging, fun, and interactive format with stunning colors, fonts, and graphics. These are fully customizable to be able to create embedded infographics, graphics, photos, videos, and animations— as well a a wide variety of textual content. It’s an alternative to a long boring website… Rather, an engaging, interactive online themed content experience.

iView Samples:


Interactive, fully-responsive, online info-booklet.

An innovative online document application.

These cool new online “iBooklets” provide a fun, modern, and interactive solution for all devices. Simplified, engaging content similar to a magazine, booklet, or ebook but developed to engage your readers with not just meaningful content, themed and stunning graphics, colors and fonts— but leveraging modern web application technology (HTML5, Javascript, CSS3, plus…) to create a fun user experience on any browser or device. They are stable and fun to use. Customizable with design, colors, and fonts…

Articles, quick tips, and a variety of assets can be developed— including video, illustration, graphics, downloads, and more…