Having fun with animation. Multi-faceted creative series.

Hey, why settle for one creative project when you can turn it into several. If a creative project is planned out well, you can create a variety of deliverables that can be used in a multitude of channels. You start with the same content, and simply redirect the content into various designs, processes and deliverables. It saves time, saves money, and triples the communication and exposure. Oh yeah, and allows for some pretty cool stuff…

For example— you start with a long white paper or other document and out of that— create a custom designed white paper, an infographic, an ebook, a presentation or slide deck, an info brief (abbreviated, interactive graphic pdf document), an animated infographic, or video. All from that one source document. And you can create any bunch of those deliverables.

Now you have a multi-faceted creative series that you can market the heck out of your company, service, product, message, or campaign. A graphical paper to download, an infographic to post and gain attention, a video to engage the TV lovers, a presentation to travel with or share at a meeting.

A cool new and growing multi-faceted creative series I create now has an effective 1-2-3 punch. An ebook, a slide presentation deck, and an animated video that incorporates animation and sound. This animated video example was based on an ebook, and recycled into the video— and can easily be created in a companion slide deck for presentation purposes.

See an example here: https://youtu.be/eUexXH-RZIE

Call me, email me, text me… Free creative advice— always. Let’s get started creating some of this fun stuff!

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Animation video example

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