Broadened Pricing Initiatives

One of the biggest challenges in developing creative material today is cost. 

There’s time, and there’s quality—but cost often has the biggest impact, and is the most influential. That’s why I am providing more “room” to breath. I call it my “broadened pricing initiative.”

Essentially, another creative wing that opens up more options to you, particularly in with pricing—allowing you to really expand and open up some creative channels and developing more for your business, product or service.

With regard to cost, it’s usually comes down to one of the following suspects:

The unknown. No idea what it will cost. And the fear of the unknown limits your creative potential.

The known. You might have an idea of what some services cost. And while some may be justifiable, they’re way out of budget range.

The ridiculous. You are either aware, or soon find out how pricey some jobs can be. And are ridiculously out of line, and there’s no way you can get close to that budget.

The bottom line here, is that any one of these scenarios above can often limit your ability to create the material you need, affect your third party business partner relationships in a negative way, or force you into creating real low budget, low quality material that can really cause a lot of problems. It sets a standard of low quality, low budget. It does not get the results you need to be even remotely effective. And allows the competition to scream past you with a much faster, better, “race car.” Not good!

So what I have done is leverage a creative workflow process I designed years ago that has done very well now for us for many years and allowed me to maintain a larger volume of high quality creative material— and expanded that into a broader range of pricing that will allow you to have more options to create great material but with lower pricing options.

So what does that mean? The same great creative deliverables, but we can develop projects with more pricing options— specifically in the lower price range.

You may have a non-existent budget. You may have a great client, but a low budget. You may have the need for a great project but don’t WANT to invest too much into it. That’s ok. There should be options available. And there are.

A few examples that recently came up include typical $5K range ebooks that we were able to deliver for $1500. Website or “online” deliverables in the $10K range, that I was able to develop solutions for for $2.5K. Infographics that might average $1500, created for $500.

I don’t want price to hinder your creative excellence. And when folks ask me the difference between what I do and any other agency, I suggest that I am in this to help YOU achieve creative excellence. That includes being able to provide the right service at the right price. And I am both proud and happy to be the sole decision-maker able to help make that happen, and the reason I went into this business for my self so I can help YOU make that happen.

So please— do not hesitate to contact me with any of your creative needs. Consultations are always free. And I am always ready to help you succeed. Pricing included. Call me to get a price on your creative, or graphic design project.

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