Animating Information

Information is everywhere. It sells, it tells, and makes things happen. It gets our brains cranking, inspires thought, teases innovation, and depending on how information is is presented can at many times make or brake your business, product, or service.

That’s one of the keys to advertising. Presenting information in a compelling, and highly emotional way.

Nowadays, info is like traffic. Everyone’s competing and making a racket. There are papers, graphics, charts, ads, flyers, presentations, articles. There are blogs, banner ads that no one even looks at any more, a gazillion web sites, popups, videos, apps— there are BILLIONS of apps now. Yes, BILLIONS.


One popular medium to present graphics, and content/text— although changing slightly, are infographics. While they have been pretty hot over the past 10 or so years, those too are getting busy. Lot’s of infographics. And depending on how they are created, can also be a lousy mess, or a really cool, fun, and engaging info experience. I encourage you to look into Mitchell Creative Group’s interactive infographics— not only some cool, fun themes that make them more engaging, but adding some real simple interactivity to them to bring them to life.


A new (well, sort of new) way to present infographics today is by “animating” them. Animation has been around since Walt® moved Mickey® all over the screen. Back then, cell animation was a tedious but visually miraculous way of showing life in action… Nowadays, with digital technology advances we can create amazing animations with use of various software and computers.

Granted, large-scale animation like Pixar movies are on one end of the spectrum, costing sometimes millions of dollars to create, on the other end of the spectrum are simple animations that can be used for fun cartooning, small movie clips, and— presenting data.

Even the most rudimentary Powerpoint or Apple Keynote presentation can make use of animation simply by adding fancy actions to transition slides. We all know the simple animation of a pie chart rolling in on a page.

But today, we can take an infographic and really bring it to life making it more exciting— more engaging… It sort of MAKES the viewer see the data how you want them to see it. You control what appears, what it says, and for how long it says it. Instead of a flat graphic that they can pop their eyes all over at random.

Animated infographics also are a relatively new media, as well as fun, and engaging. People see data all the time. But when presented with something cool like a video or animation, they feel entertained. And the data then sort of sinks in subconsciously… After all, who wouldn’t want to WATCH a moving graphic, instead of making the effort to read a long graphic with stuff all over it.

Hey— give it a try. Create an animated graphic. Contact me to see samples, or have me discuss with you how to create one. I provide free coaching and creative advice anyway— always. So call me or email me.

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